Some Info on
Dunvegan Castle....
I have found the clans Crest or Coat of Arms which I have put
to the side bar here.  The Family motto is "
Hold Fast".  The
Clan MacLeod is descended from the Norse kings of Man and
the North Isles.  The clan is comprised of two main branches,
the MacLeods of Skye and the MacLeods of Lewis.  The Mac-
Leods of Skye established the seat at Dunvegan Castle which
remains the Chief's seat to this day.  The current chief is Chief
John MacLeod of MacLeod.  I thank him for his help and his
permission for letting me give you a link for the castle's official
web page.
Here are the other links.  All rooms link so you don't need to go backwards.
This is me and my grandmother.  Her name is
Gladys MacLeod (now Sherwood by marriage).
She is the granddaughter of Sarah and James who
came here to America through Canada after leaving
the castle.  We took this picture at her home in
Florida.  I know it is not a great picture, but we
look more alike than me and my mother.  lol
She truly is the REAL MacLeod.
Please be patient while this page loads.  The pics are worth the wait.
Above is a pic of my mom's
shawl in our clan tartan.  On
it is a clan broach with the
emblem of the clan, the head
of a Bull with crossed broad
swords.  To the right are a
few really great pics I found
of the castle to share with
The Castle is filled with
history from old and new.
The Fairy Flag that was
carried by soldiers during
WWII is still there with one
more wish to be granted to
the clan.  The large tower on
the end is the Fairy Tower.
It was built during the reign
of the 8th chief, Alasdair
Crotach.  There is also a horn
that holds 1 1/2 bottles of
claret that must be downed
in one draft without setting
down or falling down as part
of the rite of passage for
every MacLeod Chief.
If you wish to find out more about the Clan MacLeod
or the castle itself, please
go to the Tinker's Tower before
you leave and
click on the Castle Icon.  This will take you
to the official page of Dunvegan Castle.
Thank you Chief John!!!
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